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"Transport provided by The Four Villages Link has helped my Mum and myself to get to all our hospital appointments in Devizes, Westbury, Bath and Salisbury. We owe a big thank-you to the Link drivers for all their hard work.

I can recommend all their Drivers and Helpers - they are the best group of people who always work hard to help to get you to appointments on time." Michael, Erlestoke


"Over the last five years, The Four Villages Link has been rather like having help waiting in the wings as I have no longer had to rely on friends who, like me, are of a certain age and can no longer drive after dark or over long distances.

It has meant peace of mind for me, not having to worry about getting to hospital on time without the stress of finding a parking space and then getting back home again without having to wait around for a long time.

The Four Villages Link provides an excellent service so please use them and give as generously as your circumstances allow." Maxine, Edington


"Having used the Link Service several times, I am so truly grateful for their invaluable help that at all times has been professional, efficient, dependable, and just as important, a reassuring and friendly journey for appointments, a real life line. Thank you." Kathy, Bratton




"Since moving into the village just over twelve months ago, The Four Villages Link has been a lifeline for me as I do not drive like many others in the local area and have needed to go to many hospital appointments. People are so kind here and I am just so grateful that this service is available for people like me, who especially live on their own, without a car and cannot walk to where I need to go. Even in the strange times we are living in, the volunteers are still giving up their own time and going out of their way to help people with their transport needs, whether it’s to just get to the local shops or keep other important appointments. I would therefore not hesitate to give The Four Villages Link a ring on 07852 256 939 between 9am until 6pm Monday to Friday, with preferably 48 hours notice, if you yourself could do with the same friendly and convenient service and support. Further details are posted in the local FREE community magazine entitled ‘ The News’ should you require more information about what is available to you in this local area." Mark, Edington


"The Four Villages Link is very reliable. We have used them for three years now and they are always very helpful and friendly.." Robin and Diana, Bratton





If you have any queries, please get in touch...

Call 07852-256939

Our phone line is open

Monday to Friday • 9am to 6pm (Except Bank Holidays)

Please leave a message if there is no answer and we’ll get back to you.

Working together for a stronger community

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